• October 14, 2013
  • 4 minutes read

President Morsi Family Message: Coup Failing Despite Traitorous Junta Scorched-Earth Approach

President Morsi Family Message: Coup Failing Despite Traitorous Junta Scorched-Earth Approach

In the name of God, Most Merciful, Most Gracious

An open letter to all honorable, patriotic people

“Lose not heart, nor fall into despair; for you are the ultimate victors, if you are true in faith” (Quran 3:139).

A very special salute and greetings from us and from the legitimate President of Egypt, who has been abducted by those who betrayed the people and repressed freedoms, on the occasion of a glorious Eid that comes to Egyptians as they stand steadfast like mighty mountains in the face of the failed military coup’s suppression, which is certainly coming to an inevitable defeat, with the will of the people and the power and Grace of God.

Greetings from the legitimate President of Egypt who would certainly not miss the opportunity to go out to congratulate Egyptians, all Egyptians, and renew his pledge to his great people who bear witness to the crimes committed by the traitorous junta against democracy, freedom and the economy.

Although coup commanders and collaborators think they can reinstate the repressive dictatorial Mubarak regime, their plots are falling apart like the frailest of all houses – the spider’s web (as described by God in Quran 29:41), and the will of the people will prevail.

Special greetings from the legitimate President of Egypt to each and every grieving family, under the dark shadow of this treasonous coup – to every family who lost a breadwinner, a son or a daughter now missed either because they were killed, injured, detained or are missing due to the ferocious fascists’ insatiable appetite for death and destruction and the coup that will certainly end soon.

We truly believe that your collective will and your peaceful protest actions are the most effective and the most powerful, with the will of Almighty God, to defeat this vain fascist coup.

Every day, people of conscience discover the falsity and the evil of the bloody coup and its heinous plots against Egypt, its people and its democratic transformation. The junta’s acting, pretense and false promises no longer deceive the people, who stand steadfast against the coup and its brutal practices.

The President, too, stands steadfast to the last breath. He will not back down on the fair demands of reinstating constitutional and democratic legitimacy. He will not be defeated by illegitimate abduction and detention or by invalid farcical trials that blatantly violate the Constitution and the law.

Furthermore, the President will not back down from the demand to return to the democratic process, even if his souls is the price for returning to the path of democratic transition chosen by the people as they regained their freedoms – sacrificing in the process many honorable martyrs and much precious blood.

The people will not lay to waste those great sacrifices by cowering or compromising, not with all the martyrs they miss and the wounded, detainees and the loved ones who have disappeared.

No-one can break the will of your legitimate President, because it is of your popular will, and it derives from your own steadfastness, courage and noble character.

Let the peaceful Revolution continue in Egypt’s liberty squares, not simply in support of the president as a person, but in defense of the homeland whose present is being demolished and future stolen by a gang of enemies of the people.

"They say: ‘When will that be?’ Say: ‘Sooner than you think’!" (Quran 17:51)… Then, the tyrants will realize the falsity of their fortifications, and the brave who stand steadfast will realize how great and honorable the sacrifices they made for their homeland were.

"God’s command has been written. Do not hasten it" (Quran 16, 1).

Osama Mohamed Morsi

Official spokesman for the family of the legitimate President.