Press Conference, MP Sit-in at Rafah Crossing after Denial of Access to Gaza

Press Conference, MP Sit-in at Rafah Crossing after Denial of Access to Gaza

On Wednesday night, January 28, 2009, Egyptian authorities denied an Egyptian MP delegation, including MB and independent bloc members, access to Gaza via the Rafah crossing in a continuance of the security apparatus” stubbornness with Egyptian MPs.  

The following were denied access:  MB Bloc Media Secretary Dr. Hamdy Hasan, MB Bloc PR Secretary Dr. Mohamed El-Beltagy, MB Bloc Members Dr. Hazem Farouk and Adel Hamed, and Independent Bloc Members Hamadein Sabbahy, Sa”d Abboud, and Mohamed El-“Omda.  

In a press statement, Hamdy Hasan affirmed that he and the other members agreed on a self-initiative to go to Gaza to support and help their fellow brothers in Gaza after the war the criminal Israelis waged against them and in which even the Legislative Council wasn”t safe from.  

Hasan pointed out that the visit was also to express the Egyptian people”s support of the Palestinian resistance.  Regarding the authority”s refusal to allow them to enter, Hasan explained that as they were crossing the Rafah borders, they were surprised with the security apparatus there preventing them with the excuse that only doctors and journalists are allowed to enter and that these are the instructions.  

Hasan added that after explaining that most of the delegation comprised of doctors and journalists, they still refused with the excuse that these are instructions.  

 “Why are Egyptian MPs prevented from entering while others from the Arab-Islamic countries are allowed?,” Hasan questioned affirming that the MPs had decided to hold a collective sit-in in front of the crossing until Thursday, January 29, 2009, where a world press conference will be held at 12 noon to announce MPs stance and the measures which they will take for being denied access.