PRESS RELEASE: A Year Since Rabaa Massacre

PRESS RELEASE: A Year Since Rabaa Massacre

August the 14th, 2014 marks the first anniversary of the the world’s worst massacre in modern history. Human Rights Watch describes the indiscriminate and deliberate use of lethal force resulting in "one of the world’s largest killings of demonstrators in a single day in recent history"  

The violent dispersal of the Rabaa and Nahda peaceful sit-ins by military and police forces left thousands of Egyptians dead and more than 10,000 injured on August 14, 2013.

Egyptians have persisted in non-stop daily anti-coup protests ever since the massacre. Today has been witnessing masses of Egyptians in the streets of Cairo and all other provinces across the country calling for the restoration of democracy and the trial of all those responsible for the killing of Egyptians.

As of midday, today August 14, demonstrations have erupted all across the country from Alexandria to Aswan, calling for bread, freedom and social justice. The barbaric police assault in Cairo, among other assaults reported today, resulted in the death of four protesters by live bullets and bird shot and the injury of many others in yet another atrocity committed by coup authorities.

The Muslim Brotherhood assures the world that Egyptians will continue their revolutionary movement until they achieve freedom. The Egyptian people will renew their Revolution in all cities, towns and villages of Egypt on the anniversary of Rabaa and Nahda massacres, until they reach their goal. 

The Muslim Brotherhood London Press Office