• January 7, 2016
  • 3 minutes read

Press Release: Aqrab Detainees’ Families Association Refutes NCHR Visit Claims

Press Release: Aqrab Detainees’ Families Association Refutes NCHR Visit Claims

Aqrab Detainees’ Families Association (ADFA) was shocked to hear the utter lies repeated persistently and systematically in statements and remarks in the Egyptian press claiming the delegation of the National Council for Human Rights (NCHR)’s refusal to visit political detainees was caused by the profanity of some of them towards the delegation, which is contrary to truth. In fact, it is an outright lie.

The political prisoners’ declared position is, as it has always been, to refuse to meet with delegations representing the military junta or the illegitimate coup regime. There is nothing more to the story than that. Political prisoners have the right to shun the illegitimate regime and its representatives. This regime which takes religious and political leaders hostage must restore to them all their usurped rights.

We warn against the attempt to use these techniques of demonization of political prisoners with falsified news to return to brutal and repressive measures against them. We stress that the detainees must enjoy all their human rights without condition.

We call upon all local and international organizations to follow closely developments in Aqrab prison. We warn prison authorities against endangering the safety and the lives of the detainees or committing atrocities or violating their rights under any circumstances or arguments. We hold the prison administration fully responsible for the safety of the political prisoners.

Those who lied and falsified news will never listen except to one voice – of the security forces. However, prisoners’ rights must not be the subject of an absurd game or gamble.

ADFA follows closely developments in Aqrab Prison, and wishes that detainees will get their full rights, and that no new crisis will be created. Detainees’ families will spare no time or effort to in the defense of their loved ones’ legitimate rights and freedom.

Aqrab Detainees’ Families Association

Wednesday – January 6, 2016