PRESS RELEASE: Egypt’s Junta Attacks on Freedom of Press and Speech Continue

PRESS RELEASE: Egypt’s Junta Attacks on Freedom of Press and Speech Continue

In another attack on Egyptians’ basic freedoms and right to free speech, the fascist military regime in Egypt stormed and sealed the headquarters of the newspaper affiliated with the largest political party in Egypt, the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), confiscating all equipment without any legal or moral justifications.

The vicious crackdown by the police state ruling Egypt since the July coup has targeted all Egyptians, including most recently university and school students and  families who oppose military rule and dare to speak against the daily human rights violations and attacks on democracy.

In every single election since the January 25 Revolution, the majority of Egyptians voted for the FJP in free and fair elections. These oppressive and tyrannical measures are aimed at depriving Egyptians who support and defend democracy from their constitutional rights in political participation and civic actions.

We call on Egypt’s press syndicate and international and local human rights organizations to condemn the latest attacks on free speech and human rights, to put an end to the putschists’ campaign of terror against Egyptian people, and to hold them accountable before the rule of law.

Egyptians across the country will not be cowered or intimidated by the puschists’ criminal actions, and will continue to exercise their constitutional rights in opposing the traitorous bloody coup, till full democracy and legitimacy are restored.


Freedom and Justice Party


September 25, 2013