• November 20, 2017
  • 15 minutes read

PRESS RELEASE: ERC Accuses Sisi’s Regime of Deliberately Threatening Health and Life of President Morsi

PRESS RELEASE: ERC Accuses Sisi’s Regime of Deliberately Threatening Health and Life of President Morsi

Monday, November 20, 2017

Press statement

The Egyptian Revolutionary Council accuses the Egyptian regime of Abdel – Fatah El Sisi of deliberately threatening the health and life of Egypt’s first freely and fairly elected President, Dr Morsi,  through systematic abuse and negligence and calls for URGENT ACTION. 

On November 14th, 2017, President Morsi spoke in his court hearing where he detailed the horrendous abuse he is subjected to at the hands of the coup regime that ousted and detained him since July 3rd 2013. The conditions he described make a mockery of due process;  the ill-treatment amounts to torture and may lead to his death if urgent action is not taken. His family have reported that he suffered attacks of diabetic coma, leading to a fall and injuries that required stitches.

The ERC holds the Egyptian regime responsible for any deterioration in Dr Morsi’s physical or mental health, and calls on the international community and human rights organisations to put pressure on the Egyptian regime to stop the ongoing torture, and to allow an independent international medical team to examine and treat President Morsi. 

Dr Maha Azzam, head of the ERC says “An urgent response is required from democratic governments and the international community to the threat to the life of President Morsi from the Sisi dictatorship. The international community is well aware of the unprecedented level of human rights abuses under the current regime and it’s silence on the threat to President Morsi ‘s health and life will be interpreted as a green light for the regime to do as it pleases.”

His damning testimony can be seen here (English subtitles): https://youtu.be/YYiRPEFGXEQ and the transcript reads as follows:

President Morsi: “Since the 24th of September and until today, I am completely isolated from the court, the courtroom and those who are present in it. There is a glass barrier, and I am not visible to the court as I am inside a double cage. I tried to address the court regarding major problems in this case and not any matter unrelated to it but the court did not see me and did not hear me.  I am certain that scientifically, if I cannot see the court then the court cannot see me.

I was unable to see the court at all in any of the previous hearings since 24/09 in this case or the other cases (in which I face trial). Today .. and one week or 10 days ago, since they applied this unusual lighting, it has been very harmful to my eyesight. I now cannot see the court except as a shadow and I particularly cannot see your Honour (the judge).  I can only see someone standing behind the bench but his features are unclear to me. And I am telling your Honour that I am certain that scientifically, if I cannot see the court then the court cannot see me. I have not seen my defence for months and I frequently cannot see the witnesses and only hear them occasionally, although I can hear you. I am speaking clearly: I was able to hear you (the judge) in all the previous court hearings.

Judge: Document what he is saying …. Go on.

President Morsi: I cannot see my own attorney and I hear them only intermittently. The witnesses also I cannot see and hear them intermittently.  I cannot see anyone at all. They are all just shadows and the reflection of images inside the glass cage I am in, makes me dizzy because the image is reflected several times.  I can see my own reflection in the glass multiple times (repeatedly).  I need to have a mechanism to communicate with the court. This would be good but not enough. I need to have a way of directly communicating with you (the Judge). 

I have a lot to say to the court on several topics.  For example, I have heard the witness last time and I wanted to ask her several questions but was unable to do so. Her statement about me was completely untrue but I was unable to talk. I tried to speak.

Last time you asked a question; whether the meetings with the attorneys that were scheduled on the 4th and 5th took place. Someone responded to you, I am not sure who: whether the prosecutor or the defence and said “Yes”. I tried to explain to you that this did not happen but was unable to do so.

I do not see anyone at all. I am in complete isolation both in my place of detention or in the cage I am in now.

Please allow me you (the judge) to respond to you very clearly. This (trial) is in absentia. I am present but I am absent. I am not sure if that is what you want. If it is then it is up to you. But I speak on behalf of myself and I am very concerned about the Egyptian judicial system.

I am being tried in Absentia. I am not present in these trials. I do not know where I am now. Metal bars behind metal bars, glass barrier behind glass barrier. And I am telling you that the image reflections make me dizzy. What can I do? I say this to the court and I do not wish to waste the court’s time.

The witnesses who spoke before gave completely untrue statements. (What they said) never happened, ever. I wanted to say something to them or to say something to the defence in front of you. I have 4 main issues that involve my health, my life in the first instance.

What can I say, the trial from my point of view is in absentia.

This trial is clearly in my view in absentia.

I am attending the court but I am absent at the same time. I cannot see anything but shadows and I cannot see the court. I was sure that before this new lighting was placed, the court was not able to see me at all. And that is why they requested these lights, in order to see me or see who is inside this glass cage. This is my situation now.

The situation now is that I am besieged in the most unusual (bizarre) way.

Judge : You have expressed your opinion and we have documented in the hearing transcript….

President Morsi: I want to tell you that I would like to speak to the defence later today or now in the presence of the court, so that the defence can represent me. Where is my defence. I cannot see or know the defence and I cannot hear them. I have not seen my defence in years. Where is my defence. I would like to discuss my cases with my defence under the scrutiny of the court. This is my right according to the laws of legal proceedings.

If this trial is not in absentia, I would like to speak to my attorney at the time the court sees fit. It is then up to the defence to do what is necessary, to speak, to record, to internationalise the case, or otherwise etc. The defence can do what they feel is suitable because I do not know anything about anything. Even my own life I do not know a lot about it. What is this?

I feel great pity for the court itself and for the judicial system to be said to be trying Mohamed Morsi in this way. What is this?

I would like to express my anxiety, my severe anxiety as Mohamed Morsi, for Egypt’s judiciary and for Egypt. Judge Sherin cannot be said to be trying a person in Absentia called Mohamed Morsi, whatever his position or status, moreover that he (Morsi) is the President of Egypt. This is a matter that needs review. I am ready to sit with the judge privately.

I feel threatened and I am being threatened. I am being seriously threatened not just by words. What can I say!!  If you want a private meeting, I am ready to meet with you privately with one of the members of the defence team if you wish, or without.  I would like you to know my condition.”

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