• January 25, 2015
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Press Release: January 25 Revolution on the Ground

Press Release: January 25 Revolution on the Ground
On the eve of the Revolution, Egypt is witnessing a new reality. With the first few hours of January 25, and Egyptians starting to turn out to continue their revolutionary struggle on the path of democratic transformation, an official source at the Anti-Coup Pro-Democracy National Alliance made the following statement:

First: The National Alliance works sided-by-side with protesters in the streets, with neither hesitation nor haste, in the "Egypt Speaks Revolution" revolutionary wave. The Alliance supports and encourages all ideas for steadfastness, defiance and achievement being utilized by revolutionaries in the squares to break the coup and exact retribution for the martyrs of the Revolution.

Second: We affirm that the Revolution is already in the streets, and that the murderers, junta militias, spill the blood of all Egyptians. This should make everyone bear their responsibility at these critical moments in the history of Egypt, united on the objectives of the January 25 Revolution and its demands, confident that we will defeat the illegitimate coup, heinous Al-Sisi and all domination scenarios facing the Arab and Muslim nation.

Third: The January 25 Revolution has been raging since its first spark 4 years ago. Martyrs continue to be killed, their blood tree watering the tree of liberty in Egypt. The forces of revolutionary change are still steadfast, determined to complete the Revolution, facing up to the murderous Al-Sisi militias and their bullets which kill Egyptians without discrimination.

Fourth: The Itehadia Presidential Palace, the iconic Tahrir Square and Cairo’s Media City are among protesters’ strategic objectives, if the situation on the ground allows it.

Fifth: We warn the junta’s Ministry of Interior security personnel to stop the bloodshed. Every drop of blood spilled from protesters or demonstrator, and all violations of Egyptians’ freedoms by coup security forces, will be avenged. Retribution will be exacted on all those who commit those crimes, as well as all those who support or defend them, including those within the ranks of the fascist coup media.

Freedom, social justice, human dignity

The people want to overthrow the coup regime

The Anti-Coup Pro-Democracy National Alliance

Sunday – January 25, 2015