Press Release: Muslim Brotherhood Urges Egyptian Revolutionary Unity

Press Release: Muslim Brotherhood Urges Egyptian Revolutionary Unity

 On Saturday, November 29, 2014 Cairo Criminal Court issued a sentence acquitting ousted president Hosni Mubarak and a number of his aides, including his minister of interior. This came as a shock for the Egyptian people in particular and world public opinion in general, a treacherous stab with which the forces of counter-revolution tried to finish off what’s left of the January 25 2011 Revolution.

Nevertheless, we hope this ruling will be the key to uniting the revolutionary movement, with all its groups, currents and orientations, once again, in a new revolutionary wave with which the people recover their January 25 Revolution and achieve their goals of decent living, freedom, social justice and human dignity.

In this regard, the Muslim Brotherhood wishes to stress certain values and principles as follows:

1. The Brotherhood supports sincere calls for revolutionary unity. It is ready and willing to make every effort to ensure the success of such calls, and affirms that its formal position is only expressed through statements and press releases from the group’s Guidance Bureau or authorized representatives.

2. Whilst the group respects all its members and supporters, with regard to recently released statements in the name of "Muslim Brotherhood Youth", it declares that there is no entity called "Muslim Brotherhood Youth". However, youths are well represented in all institutions and structures of the group.

3. The group affirms the continued commitment to peaceful protest and revolutionary movement, and will not be drawn to violence. That is the only way to break the coup and return to the democratic process, constitutional legitimacy and respect for popular will as expressed through the ballot box, which the group adopts as the only way to practice democracy.

The fabric of Egyptian society and the unity, cohesion, harmony and national identity of the Egyptian people are collectively an inviolable red line. We will not be dragged into any civil war or sectarian strife.

4. The group announces full support for sincere calls to create a broadbased coalition that combines all the revolutionary political forces, non-governmental organizations, human rights organizations, student groups and individuals, notwithstanding their ideological orientations, as long as they reject the coup and demand the return of democracy to Egypt. Any group, faction or political current that seeks to overthrow the coup should be an integral part of the overall revolutionary movement. No group or faction should seek to monopolize the revolutionary scene.

The Revolution will continue until the achievement of the January 25 objectives

Dr. Mahmoud Hussein Ahmed

Muslim Brotherhood Secretary-General

December 2, 2014