• MB News
  • January 27, 2015
  • 3 minutes read

Press Release: Muslim Brotherhood Media Spokesman Montasser Praises Unstoppable Protests

Press Release: Muslim Brotherhood Media Spokesman Montasser Praises Unstoppable Protests

 The Muslim Brotherhood solemnly salutes the martyrs and the revolutionaries who stand steadfast in all squares across the homeland, who give the finest examples of sacrifice in Egypt’s revolutionary struggle.

We salute all those patriotic citizens still steadfast in the face of armored vehicles and heavily-armed coup security forces in all the streets and squares of Egypt. With your resilience and courage, the Revolution will triumph over the illegitimate coup regime and end fascist military rule.

Hundreds of demonstrations raged across Egypt over the past two days, as revolutionary Egyptians insisted on completing the January 25 Revolution in the face of junta armored vehicles and criminal militias, with great participation by people from all segments of the Egyptian society.

There is a new message today (Monday) to this brutal junta regime: what started today is a new wave of revolutionary action. The coup regime should realize that the Revolution has entered a new phase of escalation and expansion. Indeed, I can say that the junta will not be able to break the Revolution, whatever barbaric force and inhuman oppression they use. Certainly, victory for the Revolution is inevitable. It is only a matter of time.

I say to you, Egyptian youth: you are the this homeland’s beating heart. You are the leaders of this movement. Yours is the most important role today, which clearly demonstrates that you have the spirit, the creativity and the ideas to face up to this old and ugly deep state, the corrupt clique ruling Egypt and their supporters.

Persist and persevere. Complete your Revolution to the ultimate triumph. History will record how this country’s youths broke this illegitimate coup and put an end to fascist military rule.