• February 17, 2015
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Press Release: National Alliance Condemns Killing of Egyptians in Libya

Press Release: National Alliance Condemns Killing of Egyptians in Libya

 There is no difference between the killers of Egyptians abroad and the coup murderers that kill Egyptians at home. They all have spilled the blood of Egyptians under the illegitimate coup regime led by the traitorous murderer Al-Sisi who is more interested in grabbing billions of dollars from Gulf states than in defending Egyptians.

The Alliance offers its sincere condolences to Egypt and all Egyptians on the loss of these lives unjustly and brutally taken in Libya and Egypt. It strongly condemns the incident and warns against the involvement of Egypt in irresponsible adventures outside its territory.

The Alliance confirms that the murderer Al-Sisi has provoked neighboring countries and involved Egypt in their conflicts, although it is one of the poorest countries, with the rarest job opportunities, which forced many Egyptians to look for work abroad, where they fall prey to abductions and killings.

The coup, with all its gang, bears joint responsibility with the murderers, especially for failing to rescue Egyptians kidnapped in Libya, despite the passage of days on this crisis. The coup leaders will not be absolved of their responsibility, even with attempts to numb the feelings of Egyptians with days of mourning, pension payments, routine meetings or phony discourse. Egyptian blood is sacred.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Monday – February 16, 2015