PRESS RELEASE: The brutal assault on detained female students

PRESS RELEASE: The brutal assault on detained female students

 The girls were brutally beaten with wooden sticks and batons because they refused the assault of inmates on on their friend, Dr. Samah after she asked the inmates to stop singing pro-military songs. The assault resulted in many injuries including broken shoulders and back. These injuries prevented them from being able to move due to the severity of the pain. One of the girls is reported to have sustained injuries in her pelvic area which resulted in bleeding of the uterus. Some girls had their clothes torn off of them during the assault and in the presence of male security forces. Instead of transporting them to hospital, some of them were locked away in solitary confinement or in cells with convicted inmates. It was reported that the girls’ belongings have been taken from them by inmates after the approval of security forces.

Nine of the girls that were assaulted were then transported to other  locations. Rawda Gamal [1], Shayma Omar and Aysha Mohamed Abdel-Fattah were transferred to Banha prison. Others have been transferred to Damanhoor prison and some are at unknown locations. Other girls that have been assaulted were: Alaa Elsayed [2], Asmaa Hamdi, Afaf Ahmad, Rofiyda Ahmad [3], Hanadi Ahmad and Yasmin Mamdouh. 

In a new policy, the management of Qanater prison resorted to new policing methods with the intention of hurting the students psychologically. They forced them to take off their hijab and niqab. Some families have reported that their clothes were torn and traces of blood due to torture were seen on their clothes and they were barefoot. 

To oppose these measures, some girls are reported to have started a hunger strike on the 11th June 2014.

The Muslim Brotherhood Press Office demands the freedom of all students and calls on human rights organizations to intervene quickly to stop the torture of female detainees in Qanater prison. We call for an extensive investigation on the torture of the girls, so the perpetrators are held accountable and brought to justice immediately.
The Muslim Brotherhood London Press Office