Press Release:Justice International and conference on the 26 May

Press Release:Justice International and conference on the 26 May

The current Egyptian military led regime has consistently flouted international human rights standards and is currently violating provisions of the countries constitution by appointing military personnel to adjudicate over civilians and the country’s intelligentsia.

Along with the recent highly controversial constitutional amendments, the regime has also seen a huge public and worldwide condemnation on the recent revelations of the horrific human rights abuses practised by the regime and its police force on the public.

“The denial of justice has reached an unprecedented level in Egypt”
“Silencing political opponents with military trials”
“Imprisoning journalists and repressing freedom of expression”
These are some of the highlights of the abuses and the injustices prevailing in Egypt today under an autocratic dictatorial regime that refuses to accept court decisions and continues to hail civilians before the military, a very secure way to silence political opposition.

Howayda Taha, an Al Jazeera journalist, brought some light into the abuses practiced by the regime to the public eye by broadcasting parts of an extensive video coverage which revealed huge widespread evidence of torture and human rights abuses, resulting in a serious retaliation by the Egyptian regime. Eventually, Howayda Taha received a 6 month prison sentence, accused of acting against the public interest and providing a false impression of the security forces in Egypt, leading to criticism from human rights groups and the press against the accusation.

Justice International and the Arab Commission for Human Rights calls on the local and international community to take part in an interactive conference to express profound concern at the recent state of events in Egypt which will be held on

Saturday 26th May 2007
Between 14:00 – 20:00
Small Hall, Friends House, 173-177 Euston Road, London NW1 2BJ