• August 1, 2013
  • 4 minutes read

Press Release by Anti-Coup Alliance on the Attempts to Disperse Sit-ins

Press Release by Anti-Coup Alliance on the Attempts to Disperse Sit-ins

(Cairo, August 1, 2013)- The Anti-Coup Pro-democracy Alliance, in partnership with all revolutionary and youth groups announces that the sit-ins of Rabaa Al-Adawiyya Square, Al-Nahda Square and other squares across the length and breadth of Egypt, are nothing but a continuation of the revolution started by the Egyptian people on January 25th, 2011.

And this revolution will continue until the following objectives are achieved:

First: Retrieval of the gains of the revolution seized by the military coup (President, Constitution, Shura Council).

Second: Bringing down the coup and all its effects.

Third: Bringing to justice all who have caused bloodshed.

Fourth: Completing the objectives of the January revolution, including:

•   Affirming freedoms

•   Social justice

•   Cleansing national institutions

All revolutionary groups, including the Alliance, also announce that they do not recognize the coup government or its decisions or negotiations. They will continue in spite of threats, and will not be made to back down from their right to peaceful protests and sit-ins, regardless of the strength of their opposition.

The Alliance affirms that the Egyptian people will remain steadfast in their revolution against the coup, which has brought back the police state in its worst incarnations, ruling through force, and corrupting without accountability.

The Alliance also affirms that the real terrorism, causing a threat to national security, is the practices of the coup supporters from mass killings to bloody massacres of peaceful protestors, to continual efforts to change the role of the army from protector of the nation to user of force against the people, to continuing violations of rights and freedoms, to the shameful use of the judiciary against political opponents.

In addition, the Alliance repeats and confirms its invitation to all international and human rights organizations to visit its sit-ins, and attend the protestors’ activities to ascertain that the bloody coup regime is the party guilty of terrorizing, murdering and threatening protestors who are holding onto their peacefulness tightly in spite of the harsh treatment to which they are being subjected.

Egypt is a responsibility on the shoulders of this generation, and the January 25th revolution is a responsibility on the shoulders of all the Egyptian people. So we call on all free and honorable people to regain Egypt from these criminals and aggressors.