Press Release No. 1 of Dr. Morsi Central Campaign

Press Release No. 1 of Dr. Morsi Central Campaign


Voting in the presidential race in Egypt kicked off smoothly, this morning – the first genuinely democratic presidential contest in the history of Egyptian political life.

We take this opportunity to pay tribute to the lives of the martyrs of the Egyptian revolution, young and old, men and women.

The revolution was the reason for this celebration of democracy, which we consider to be the last step on the road to transfer of power to an elected civilian authority.

Dr. Mohamed Morsi, the Brotherhood’s presidential candidate, cast his ballot at 11:00AM, Wednesday morning, at a voting center in Sadat Preparatory School for Boys, in Zagazig, Sharqiya governorate.

The voting process has gone smoothly, with a reasonable turnout until now. Our delegates were accommodated in all polling stations, after some minor problems were resolved. Many voters are lined up outside polling stations, which mostly began on schedule this morning.

Some of our monitors have reported violations by the campaigns of certain candidates distributing electoral publicity materials near polling places, in Cairo.

Moreover, we have observed that some private Egyptian satellite TV channels are conducting a deliberate campaign against our candidate, making totally unfounded claims and accusations against our supporters. Dr. Mohamed Morsi’s campaign warns those to halt this approach which violates all relevant laws.

Over the past two days, Dr. Morsi’s campaign filed several complaints to the committee supervising the presidential elections (SPEC), against unknown individuals who posed as members of the Morsi campaign.

We hereby renew our campaign’s commitment to all legal regulations of the electoral process, including the period of electoral silence.

Further, the Morsi campaign rejects as completely baseless reports published by Al-Youm Al-Sabea newspaper of the alleged arrest of several supporters of our candidate for violating publicity blackout rules.

The Morsi campaign also condemns as total fabrications claims by Al-Watan newspaper that the Brotherhood is using Zakat (charity) money to finance the elections.

The Morsi campaign urges the media to commit to truthfulness, accuracy and professionalism. The campaign is now taking appropriate legal action about this matter.