Press Release No. 11 of Dr. Morsi Central Campaign

Press Release No. 11 of Dr. Morsi Central Campaign

Preliminary results of the Egyptian presidential election put our candidate Dr. Morsi ahead of all rivals in the race for Egypt’s top job.

On this historic occasion, we offer our sincere thanks and deep gratitude to the great people of this country, who placed their confidence in the Brotherhood’s candidate, despite the charged atmosphere and the great difficulties.

We will certainly accept whatever outcome the will of the people brings. Although we have observed certain violations and irregularities in the election process, we are on the threshold of a new phase, we must regain confidence in ourselves and in our ability to establish a democracy based on peaceful circulation of power.

It was the blood of the martyrs and the wounded that ignited and fueled the flames of the revolution and gave it energy, self-confidence and unity to advance this homeland and elevate this nation. Today, we need to close ranks once again, so the revolution would not be hijacked from us all, so the pure blood of honorable martyrs would not be lost in vain.

We therefore call on all patriotic political players to unite and get together to protect the revolution and fulfill the promise we made to the masses of our great people.

We hereby announce our initiative to invite all patriotic political and revolutionary forces and stakeholders for serious national dialogue, to discuss Egypt’s fate in the light of the challenges facing us all. We must, together, seek out ways to save the blessed revolution.

This call for dialogue and cooperation stems from our appreciation of the current situation and our great respect for the candidates who were keen to compete with us in the presidential race, and will certainly be even keener now to compete with us in our attempt to rescue Egypt and save the revolution.

Today, we face desperate attempts to replicate the old system of governance in new attire that might fool some, but the masses of our people and the enlightened revolutionary forces will not give these the opportunity; and just as they were able to topple Mubarak, they are now quite capable of removing the remnants of his regime together with its crumbling symbols.

In conclusion, we thank every citizen who voted for revolutionary Egypt, strong Egypt, modern Egypt, and comprehensive renaissance. We stress that we are still in the middle of the road and we must not lose our enthusiasm, our ability and our unity.

We call on the masses of our great people to participate positively in the run-off in June, in order to achieve the goals of the revolution.
God bless you.