Press Release No. 3 of Dr. Morsi Central Campaign

Press Release No. 3 of Dr. Morsi Central Campaign

• With the first day of voting in the presidential elections coming to an end, the balloting process is going steady, and polling sites are witnessing an increase in turnout as the weather gets better.

• Presidential candidate Dr. Mohamed Morsi visited his election campaign’s main press center, in Cairo, this afternoon.

• In the city of Mansoura, the head of polling station No. 28 at the Fakhr al-Din Khalid School – Suez Canal Street – found a book of ballot papers with marks on photos of Dr. Morsi from page 64 to 100. Immediately, Dr. Morsi’s representative initiated an investigation requesting legal action regarding the incident.

The judge heading the voting site excluded this book, and wrote a report of the incident that was signed by all representatives.

• Dr. Morsi’s campaign emphasizes that the error discovered in that book does not help any of the candidates, but indeed may harm all of them.

• The campaign further emphasizes its commitment to the full integrity and transparency of the electoral process and calls on the Supreme Presidential Elections Committee (SPEC) to investigate this incident as well as any similar incidents and punish those responsible.

• In Beni Suef governorate, Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) sources said that there was no truth whatsoever in allegations made by the "Life Now" program on Hayat satellite TV channel. Hayat claimed that a number of FJP members had beaten a voter casting his ballot for a certain candidate.

• It has been proven, however, that the incident involved two drivers: Mahmoud Mohamed Gouda and Mohamed Ali Ezzat, and that it had nothing to do with the electoral process at all. Moreover, neither driver belonged to the FJP.

• In Abukasah School in Fayoum province, polling stations 31, 32 and 33, an incident was reported where a police officer – head of the election security unit – was caught directing voters to choose a specific candidate. Consequently, the judge in charge of the sites filed a complaint against the officer and excluded him from duty.

• In Beheira province, Damanhur’s Public Prosecution Service decided, Wednesday afternoon, to release three supporters of Dr. Mohamed Morsi the police had arrested and confiscated their computers. They had been helping voters identify their polling stations. The prosecution ordered their unconditional release, returning to them all their belongings including their computers.