Press Release No. 7 of Dr. Morsi Central Campaign

Press Release No. 7 of Dr. Morsi Central Campaign

With the voting process drawing to a close, sorting operations started in polling stations at 9:00PM (19:00GMT). According to statements made by Farouk Sultan, Chairman of the Supreme Presidential Elections Committee (SPEC), the national average of voter turnout was 50%.

In this regard, presidential candidate Dr. Mohamed Morsi’s campaign renews its tribute to the martyrs and heroes of the blessed January 25 revolution.

We thank the great Egyptian people, who recovered their liberty, regained their free will and exercised their right of choosing who they want for president, for the first time in Egyptian history.

We could not have reached this stage without Allah’s help and the sacrifices made by honorable martyrs and freedom fighters of this great nation.

We would also like to pay tribute to the Parliament of the revolution, which has made a commendable effort to amend the law of presidential elections to ensure the greatest possible degree of transparency and integrity.

With regard to the voting process, it went smoothly enough over the last two days. Incidents that marred the electoral process were not as serious as those that marred previous elections.

The last of those incidents reported to us was an attack by thugs affiliated with the defunct regime, along with former candidate of the Arab Union party for the Shura Council (second chamber of Egyptian Parliament), which resulted in the injury of Shadi Mohammed Hassan, a supporter of our candidate Dr. Morsi.

The results that have been announced indicate that our candidate Dr. Mohamed Morsi has an early lead based on the tally from polling stations whose data have been received so far.

We will present to you all the results we have so far received, at the end of this conference. We will meet with you every half hour, to offer you to the latest results we receive from our delegates at voting sites.

For information, the satellite TV channel Misr25 is following the initial results that will be announced consecutively in polling sub-stations.

Misr25 channel will also start a live broadcast from its headquarters and also from the headquarters of our candidate’s press center, in which leaders of the Freedom and Justice party will address events and developments of the electoral process.