Press Release on Blasts of Churches in Iraq

On Sunday, six bomb cars hit six churches in Baghdad and Karkuok. These incidents may be regarded a reaction to the insulting cartoons of Prophet Muhammad, may peace be upon Him, or retaliatory violence against Christians.  
The Islamic Party denounces these expulsions that left a number of innocent Iraqi causalities. The party is willing to indicate that 80% of Europeans are atheistic. The recent row-making caricatures of Islam’s Prophet Muhammad, previous cartoons of the Christ, and the distortion of the Heaven Books are categorical evidences. We are fully sure that all segments of Iraqi people: Muslims, Christians, along with other minorities, do not feel content with the abuse of prophets or of holy symbols.    
Our Christian brothers will remain our country mates. Accordingly, we should seek their rights and that of other Iraqi sectors. It is the government duty to provide them along with their holy places with protection.