• May 3, 2018

Press Release on the Anniversary of Sinai Liberation

Press Release on the Anniversary of Sinai Liberation

Sinai is a bright spot in our national glory, and the pride of the homeland. With its civilization, sanctity, purity and great manifestations; history testifies to its steadfastness generation after another, and it has proven in every epic that it is a symbol of strength and triumph.

The legitimate President, Dr. Mohamed Morsi, had fully appreciated the importance of ‘the turquoise land’ of Sinai, its status, reconstruction, and development and expressed that through various initiatives. This has led to the weaving of conspiracies, from foreign and domestic entities, to overthrow the legitimacy, so that Sinai will remain an easy target for our enemies and their local agents displacing its people, bulldozing their homes, removing entire townships and communities, arresting its men and women, and killing innocents without considering any ethical or legal sanctity of the victims.

The development of Sinai has  already been disrupted by the military junta, and has recently been transformed by the coup gang and the traitors seeking to usurp its wealth into a safe haven for the Zionists. The plot is expanding to carry out malicious schemes under the pretext of the ominous so-called ‘deal of the century,’ which aims, in vain, to liquidate the Palestinian cause.

The Muslim Brotherhood pays tribute to our people in the Sinai, blesses their steadfastness and apologizes to them on behalf of the Egyptians and the Muslim Ummah for the crimes of the coup authority that will never go in impunity and are not subject to any statute of limitations. We also call for more struggle and steadfastness to block the road of anyone that wishes to harm Sinai and its people. Sinai will remain a civilizational landmark for steadfastness and glory, which inspires the free with enormous revolutionary energy and a heroic spirit. 

Let’s continue as constant revolutionaries so as to protect our land and our dear homeland from the evil of the corrupt, and restore our dignity and the glory of our country.

Hassan Saleh

Media spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood

9 Shaaban 1439 AH

April 25, 2018