• April 23, 2014
  • 3 minutes read

PRESS STATEMENT: ICC confirms Egypt complaint still under consideration

PRESS STATEMENT: ICC confirms Egypt complaint still under consideration

 The International Criminal Court (ICC) has confirmed that the complaint filed by the Freedom & Justice Party last year on behalf of the constitutional Government of Egypt is still under consideration by the Chief Prosecutor Mrs Fatou Bensouda despite untrue press reports to the contrary.


Following the coup d’état in July 2013 the Freedom & Justice Party submitted a formal complaint to the ICC along with an Article 12 (3) declaration bringing Egypt within the Court’s jurisdiction. The complaint asks the ICC Prosecutor to investigate allegations of international crimes alleged to have been committed in Egypt since the coup.


The complaint submitted to the ICC contained evidence that showed that the post coup military regime had presided over widespread and systematic crimes which amounted to crimes against humanity. Since submitting the complaint a number of news organisations have incorrectly announced that the complaint had been rejected.


Lawyers acting for the constitutional Government, who are in contact with the ICC Prosecutor’s office, have confirmed that the Prosecutor is still considering the complaint and supporting documentation and had not rejected it or come to a final decision about the status of the complaint.


Tayab Ali, partner of leading London law firm ITN solicitors, said ‘The Interim Authority in Egypt is not able to hide from principles of international law. President Morsi’s constitutional Government has the legal power to bind Egypt to international treaties and agreements. Accordingly, the ICC has no option but to act under the rule of law and hold perpetrators of International Crimes committed in Egypt accountable for what they have done to enforce their coup’.