• March 2, 2016

Press Statement: Muslim Brotherhood Secretary-General Denies Dialogue Claims

Press Statement: Muslim Brotherhood Secretary-General Denies Dialogue Claims
Dr Mahmoud Hussein, the Muslim Brotherhood’s Secretary-General, said news of reconciliation initiatives supposedly discussed or sought with the current regime in Egypt in a meeting between him and Dr Saad-Eddin Ibrahim (human rights activist) mediated by Dr Ayman Nour (head of Ghad El-Thawra Party), is simply not accurate.

Dr Mahmoud Hussein said the meeting was only incidental, and took place during his visit to Dr Ayman Nour.  It certainly happened without prior arrangement, and in the presence of Dr Saad-Eddin Ibrahim, Dr Moncef Marzouki and Dr Ahmed To’ama, among others.  Dr Mahmoud Hussein added that the discussion that took place between them was in fact a very general chat that did not address anything like initiatives or reconciliations with the illegitimate regime now ruling Egypt.

In a statement, Dr Mahmoud Hussein said: "The Muslim Brotherhood’s position on the matter of dialogue and reconciliation is clear – announced several times already. We will not compromise on democratic legitimacy. We are committed to reinstating the elected President Mohamed Morsi. We will have no dialogue or reconciliation with criminals who have the blood of Egyptians on their hands. We will not compromise on the right of the martyrs, nor the demands of the January 25, 2011 Revolution".

Monday – February 29, 2016