Price of Struggle with Ikhwan

Price of Struggle with Ikhwan

The Ikhwan remaining in political life in the current manner will lead to the group’s further deterioration.  When I called last Thursday in this column for the Ikhwan to shun political life for the social activities where they can do great services to the country, as similar groups do in other countries, I did not mean to ban the Brotherhood ultimately

I rather rejected using faith as a means for achieving a political goalThey neither reached their goal, and probably they will never do, nor did they keep faith out of this dirty struggle!

Therefore, searching for a practical objective for the group and the country together is an inevitable issue.  This is what I proposed and held fast to (and still do) as every wise man should cling to this idea as well.

In this context, I received the following message from Dr. Yasser el-Hodhaibi, professor of human rights in Ain Shams faculty of law.  He says;

On 2/8/2008, you wrote an article entitled “No need for Muslim Brothers”, and on the next day you wrote: “What”s next, leaders of the party?!”

As a matter of fact, you have touched the wound which affected and still does the body of political life in Egypt.  You also prescribed the treatment for the wound in a bold, easy and straightforward manner.

Yet, I have some remarks:

1- Your statement that says; “If the Muslim Brotherhood shuns political life for the social one, there will be a strong child, family and community.   This is a very courageous statement and a testimony for the favor of the Group

Yet, I do not think that the Brothers will leave politics or the state will leave them to practice effective social functions or  political work especially in the light of the latest constitutional amendments.  If they request to establish a legitimate party similar to other parties, the committee of partiesaffairs will not accept their request.

2- Reducing the Egyptian people into 5% for Muslim Brothers and 15% for NDP is unfair for the rest of the people (80%), especially as the democratic front party failed to fill that gap, which they declared they would do, and, at the same time, political life in Egypt lacks any effective role for parties, except for the NDP.

3- As the two articles are really great and bold, I find myself agreeing with the view that the ball is now in the court of the NDP alone.  I expect that the secretary of policies and party leaders are preparing for several surprises which will be declared in the general conference of NDP next November

These will focus on women, the minority, youths and a new electoral system that will be fair for the opposition parties; maybe they will rise up of their state of inadvertency.   At this time in particular, there should be something done for the favor of the country.”

We agree with Dr.Yasser; we aspire for the next conference of the party and wish it will not turn us down. We hope that slogans will not supersede the content, and the party will tackle the surprises indicated in this message in its content, not in its form as usual

The time we live in now with its circumstances does not bear any more waiting. The country pays a heavy toll because of the incessant struggle between the Party and Brothers!