MB Invites Taliban Leaders: Free All Korean captives
MB Invites Taliban Leaders: Free All Korean captives
Sunday, July 22,2007 14:50
Dr. Muhammad Habib, 1st MB Deputy-Chairman, has called Taliban to free all the Koreans the movement captivated earlier.
"Muslim Brotherhood absolutely opposes such kidnaps, considering them anti-Islamic" Dr. Habib in his statement to ikhwanweb,
Dr. Habib confirmed that Islamic Shari"ah rates non-combatant foreigners as covenanted, and should be treated on this basis, regardless the imperialistic intentions of their governments.
"such kidnaps help distort the image of Islam and Muslims and recruits more enemies for us" Habib added.
On inviting Taliban leaders for immediate release of those Korean captives, Habib called them to take care for the psychology and health of the kidnapped foreigners by practicing no pressure upon them. "Taliban shall collect its strength for resistance only" Habib collaborated.
In the same context, Dr. Habib have affirmed Muslim Brotherhood and Taliban being on ideological odds in raised agendas and means for change.
On his part, Dr. Habib has called United Nations and the free world for instant interference to stop the Afghani bloodbath, as he stressed upon the necessity for a positive step to rebuild Afghanistan and save the Afghani people from this painful destiny. Besides, the 1st MB Deputy-Chairman has asserted on the right of the Afghani people to rule themselves through ballots, under international supervision.
Captivated for political purposes, Taliban demands South Korean government to withdraw from Afghanistan in exchange for immediate release of their 23 kidnapped fellow citizens, who are not yet nominated by their kidnappers.
Taliban"s records relates some 15 Korean females among the 23 captives. Noteworthy, the Korean troops, consisted of 200 engineers, doctors and rescuers, has non-combatant missions in Afghanistan.
News agencies has announced, a short time ago, that South Koreans have been kidnapped after obstructing their way in the Afghani Province of Ghazni, south-east to Kabul. These kidnaps comes in a continued series of Taliban-led kidnaps, aiming at toppling the Afghani US-backed regime and expelling the invaders out of Afghanistan.