Relatives of Alex. Detainees Complain to NCHR
Relatives of Alex. Detainees Complain to NCHR
Saturday, July 28,2007 17:47
By H.Elhndy

More than 50 relatives of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) detainees in Alexandria lodged a complaint to the National Council for Human Rights (NCHR). The complaint included two cases. The first one was on July, 18th, 2007 arresting a group of students in the Alexandrian region of Al-Agami, including three students whose place is still unidentified, Mohamed Ali Farid, Mostafa Ahmed Mohamed and Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed. The second case happened on July, 21st, 2007, of arresting 22 persons after the prosecution acquitted them They are from the Alexandrian region of El-Kabary. These detainees include Gamal Abdul Aziz, the secretary general of the Syndicate of Agriculturists, Mohamed Abdul Salam, a lawyer, Mohamed Al-Foul, an employee at Amiriyah District and Ahmed Al Sayed, a lawyer.
The complaint tackled the deteriorating condition of Burj Al-Arab which houses the detainees. This prison lacks the simplest human rights. There is no beds, clothes are worn out, food is scarce and isn"t suitable for human use. Add to this lacking any medical care, according to the complaint.
Kalaf Bayyoumi, the lawyer of the detainees, told Ikhwanweb, after presenting the complaint:
"We met councilor Gamal Shouman and ambassador Mokhles Qotb, members of the National Council for Human Rights and presented the complaint. The relatives of the detainees spoke with them and ambassador Mokhles voiced his concern to the issue, especially to the problem of the disappearance of the three students. Lawyer Khalaf attributed this injustice to the notorious emergency law that allows the security services to detain citizens even after they receive judicial acquittals.
"In case this state of ambiguity remains shrouding the destiny of the three students, we will go to International Rights Organizations to locate them", said the detainees" lawyer, adding that " Relatives of the detainees have become so desperate that they have become so sure that their still dislocated loved ones died".
Father of the student Mohamed Ali Farid said:" After we lodged complaints to all authorities, including the president and the Interior Minister, and after checking hospitals and police stations, I am near certain that my son was tortured by the state security police and may have died. Ahmed Mohamed Imam, father of both still dislocated students Mohamed Ahmed and Mostafa Ahmed, said:" I only want to know where they are. I want to know whether my sons died or are still alive. The security forces raided our house on July, 18, 2007 and searched it. They asked about Mohamed but they didn"t find him and detained Mostafa. Later on, we were informed that Mohamed was detained as well.
For her part, Mrs Asmaa, wife of agronomist Gamal Abdul Aziz,, the secretary general of the Syndicate of Agriculturists in Alexandria said:" Where is justice. Where are human rights. My husband was detains at night in the street and a groundless case was fabricated against him. When his colleagues phned the head of the agriculturalists, he said:" I don"t have any time for such stuff. I am on summer vacation.
"These forces are not for maintaining security of people they are for intimidating people" she said.