Yemen: unfair charges against a Yemeni journalist
Monday, July 2,2007 00:00

Abd el Karim el Kheiwany must be immediately released

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (HRinfo) calls upon the Yemeni government to release the Yemeni journalist Abd el Karim el Kheiwany, who was violently detained from his home ten days ago, after which the public prosecution charged him of belonging to a cell connected to the Houthi rebels, and later it charged him of supporting Houthi ideas.

The Yemeni government decided to transfer el Kheiwany to State Security Court next week among 17 other defendants. El Kheiwany was first charged of belonging to cell connected to the Houthi rebels, and later the public prosecution altered the charges to supporting and spreading Houthis’ ideas in Yemen, the same charges facing any journalist criticizing the way the authorities are dealing with the Houthis.

Journalist Abd el Karim El Kheiwany was previously detained for six months in the summer of 2004 in addition to shutting down El Shoura newspaper, where he worked as an editor-in-chief. He was detained ten days ago as he became the target of the Yemeni government due to his writings in which he criticizes the president, the government’s practices against the Houthis and the use of military and security solutions instead of negotiation and dialogue.

Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (HRinfo) calls upon Yemeni judiciary not to overlook the severe violations committed by security forces during El Kheiwany’s arrest and his allegations of being subjected to physical assault, and not to allow the Yemeni government to politically influence its decision concerning a journalist who only peacefully expressed his opinion.