UK Muslims Reject Violence, Terrorism
Sunday, July 1,2007 00:00
By Asmaa Shehata, Ikhanweb
UK level of alert was raised to "critical" and fear overshadowed London streets after the latest foiled car bombs in London and the fiery Jeep that hit Glasgow. Four suspects were arrested after the incidents.
Regarding this topic and the prosecution that Muslims are facing in European countries following any incident, Mohamed Ghanem, a Muslim leader in Britain, said to Ikhwanweb:
" We still can’t point the finger of accusation to any person. We still don’t know perpetrators of such terrorist incidents. Scotland Yard held a press conference on Saturday in which it confirmed that these incidents are a part of terrorist operations that target the country. However, all information is uncertain and incomplete until now," he said .
Ghanem added:" We, as UK Muslims, totally reject all acts of violence that lead to killing innocent victims. These actions are fully divorced from Islamic spirit and teachings. I think no Muslim has faced any retaliation until now, but, unfortunately, such incidents make the English society automatically point a finger of accusation against us although most people know well that Muslims don’t commit such unacceptable hostilities .
Ghanem pointed out that he does not think these foild car bombs and the fiery Jeep are a message which is sent PM Brown after he assumed office "This is because such groups aren’t strong enough to have a political dimension. There are many political analysts who said that Brown must show that he does not follow Blair’s line. Others said the queen was in the Scottish airport and the fiery Jeep was targeting her. However, all these are merely guesses and investigations will reveal the truth and will show what are these groups and whether both incidents are connected, specially that they are actually outlandish incidents. Regardless of all these interpretations, we condemn such acts and confirm that we are against killing civilians and against those terrorist acts.