Morsi’s Comment on Sectarian Problem in Egypt
Sunday, July 1,2007 00:00
By Ikhwanweb
Dr. Mohamed Morsi, a prominent leader in the Muslim Brotherhood group, comments on the ongoing sectarian incidents happening in Egypt every now and then saying, “Such incidents happening recently in Egypt are all fabricated and artificial problems. These incidents do not express or indicate at all the real relationship between both Muslims and Copts in Egypt. It doesn’t express the existing spirit of fraternity among the people in Egypt, whether they were Muslims, Christians, or any others. That spirit that has been existing in Egypt through out the history, and it has never been disturbed by incidents like those happening recently.
He comments on the real reasons behind such incidents saying that most of them just happen as a result of ignorance, misunderstanding, or other not important issues. He adds, “Simple disagreements, or even conflicts sometimes, take place everywhere on the daily basis; Conflicts about agricultural lands, residence places, family business,… etc. between two Muslim parties, two Christian parties, or between both. Media only exaggerates in showing such daily incidents when it happens between both Muslims and Copts.
Dr. Mohamed Morsi says, “The method and attitude of Islam concerning such incidents is quite clear to everyone, Islam has a medial moderate method, it doesn’t differentiate between people according to their races, creeds, beliefs, or colours, and Muslims in Egypt adopt such method, and I’m sure Copts do as well… What I would like to say to both Muslims and Christians in Egypt is (Please don’t slide wrongly to such incidents, and never let small problems have adverse severe consequences; Consequences that sometimes reach fighting, destroying, and even bloodshed). Islam has forbidden bloodshed, and murdering or attacking the human soul is highly totally prohibited.” He adds, “There is a verse in the Holy Qur’an that implies the same meaning of (Whoever kills a soul or causes destruction on earth is considered as if he has killed all human beings).  In Egypt, Both Copts and Muslims take the principles and concepts of coexistence, co-operation, citizenship, and love into consideration. They all work and live side by side, knowing that the spirit of cordiality, charity, and fraternity is originally there.
 He says about the Muslim Brotherhood opinion on such incidents, “These are exceptional individual acts that we hope it won’t happen again ever. Our role as MB members is to try to solve such problems and reach its roots to have successful solutions, and also to deliver a message to all (Muslims and Copts) that what some of them are doing recently is totally wrong, and it was never there in the past. Such incidents “certainly” are not to the advantages of our society or our beloved country “Egypt” at all.
And we “Ikwan web” add our voice to Dr. Morsi’s hoping that all problems and conflicts in our country would come to an end so soon.