Mauritania’s MB Seeks Civil Political Party
Sunday, June 24,2007 00:00
By S. Abbadi, Ikhwanweb

Mauritania’s MB Submits Request For Establishing Civil Political Party

Mohamed Jemil Ould Mansour, the general coordinator of the moderate reformists, an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood group in Mauritania, lodged papers for establishing a political party on Tuesday June, 19, 2007, to be the first political party for Islamists in Mauritania, nearly twenty years after imposing a ban, and a after conflict for legitimacy .
The expected leader of the new party, and general coordinator of the movement of moderate reformists, MP Mohamed Jemil Ould Mansour, confirmed that the new party is not an Islamic party in the full meaning of the word. It is actually a party for reformists, although Mauritanian law does not ban establishing Islamic parties.
Ould Mansour said:" The Mauritanian constitution does not contain neither in its original text nor in its latest amendments any indication to Islamic parties. The constitution doesn’t ban these parties in form or content. The main point is in the law organizing political parties, that states in its fourth article that no party is allowed monopolise carrying the banner of Islam, undebatable matter. It may confirm that all parties are required to have an Islamic source of authority according to the constitution."
Ould Mansour pointed out that all current political parties abide by this legal article. Any one who tries to monopolze Islam in this country is mistaken. Our new party does not seek such a monopoly.
Ould Mansour added in a statement to Ikhwanweb that he does not know a party that portrays itself as an Islamic party, while others are not. The party that considers any part as Islamic is actually stripping other national parties of the quality of being Islamic, unacceptable matter.
Ould Mansour stressed that a thorough reading of the document of the moderate reformists can see a political party that runs worldly affairs, a party that has its views towards economy, running livings, a party that has its own views in health, education, domestic and foreign policies.
The general coordinator of the movement of moderate reformists confirmed that Mauritania is currently facing a transitional period in its political development, requiring all Mauritanians to protect democracy after many years of lies and distortion and achieve development after many eras of backwardness, and consolidating national unity after schemes for division. We require cooperation of all people.
Asked whether there are figures outside the reformists and will join the expected party, Ould Mansour said: "The party is a national party that will be open to every one approving its general principles and views.
Definitive System of the New Party
Based on the constitution of July, 20th, 1991, a group of Mauritanians has  established a political party that calls for a national gathering for reform and development, seeking to contribute to finding solutions for political, social, economic and cultural problems, and other problems that may obstruct the march of the Mauritanian people, through a political program which is based on constants in line views of the times.
First Chapter- name, headquarters, emblem, slogan:
Article 1: A political party shall be established in the Islamic Republic of Mauritania under the name "The National Gathering For Reform and Development", according to laws applied in the Islamic Republic of Mauritania.
Article 2: Its headquarters shall be based in the capital Nouakchott, and it can be moved to any place nationwide according to a decision from the party bodies, and according to arrangements of its bylaw.
Article 3: The party’s slogan is: Originality- Reform- Development.
Article 4: The emblem distinguishing the party will be defined in the bylaw.
Second Chapter- Principles and Objectives:
Article 5: The Main Principles of the Party:
-Commitment to Islam as the only source for legislation, and religion of the country and people, as prescribed in the constitution.
-Consolidating and protecting national unity, as part of a recognition of the right of ethnic and cultural multiplicity.
- Reinforcing individual and collective freedoms, and defending main human rights of the citizens.
-Defending the Mauritanian soil, independence.
-Protecting individual property, freedom of creativity taking into consideration public interests.
- Adhering to the constitution of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania, and adhering to multiple democratic mechanisms for a peaceful circulation of power.
Third Chapter - Goals :
Article 6 : The National Gathering For Reform and Development aims at:
- Establishing a society which is full of role-models, ideals and values derived from our righteous Islamic religion, and a correct implementation of democracy that guarantees justice, peace, welfare, freedom and equality.
- Protecting national unity, soil, national independence, and defending the higher interests of the country.
- Establishing a real state of law.
- Establishing an option of a democratic and peaceful circulation of power.
- Uprooting social diseases and deviant conducts like enslavement, racism, sectarianism, tribalism, regionalism, nepotism, and all aspects of man-to-man abuses.
-Achieving social justice and spreading justice.
-Defending the independence, identity and constants of the country.
-Protecting the economic resources and cultural heritage of the country.
-Reviving Mauritania’s cultural role and giving it its proper position amon peoples all over the world, as a typical democratic Islamic republic.
- Working for the formation of new world order based on peace, harmonious coexistence and social justice, and seeks to eradicate wars and sources of armed conflicts.
- Defending fair cases all over the world, supporting oppressed and stressing on people’s self-determination rights.