Muslim Brotherhood Condenms Attack on Tourists in Cairo
Muslim Brotherhood Condenms Attack on Tourists in Cairo
Monday, February 28,2005 00:00
By ikhwan online

     Press Release
        April 19, 1996


        The Muslim Brotherhood has issued the following statement strongly
condemning the massacre of the tourists in Cairo:
        The Muslim Brotherhood strongly condemns the criminal and savage attack on
innocent tourists earlier in the morning today  in the Europe Hotel on the
Haram Pyramids Road, resulting in most savage massacre.
        The Muslim Brotherhood strongly confirms that  this criminal act that
resulted in the death of 14 women and 4 men and wounded others, some of them
critically, is a crime that is a disgrace to humanity. All the victims were
tourists who had entered this country lawfully  and their protection was a
moral and legal responsibility of Egypt, both its government and people.
        Such an act of profound perfidity and criminaity is condemned  by all
religions, international norms, and humanitarian principles, and cannot be
justified in any manner or form, nor its atrocity can be reduced  for any
motive whatsoever.
        The Muslim Brotherhood confirm their refusal and strongly condemn all such
criminal acts and offer their sincerest condolences to the families of the
victims and hope for a speedy recovery of the wounded.
        May Allah  guard Egypt, its people and all its guests from all distress
and afflictions.

The Muslim Brotherhood
30 Dhul Qiadah 1416 A.H.
18 April, 1996.