House Of Egyptian Blogger Raided
Sunday, June 10,2007 00:00
By Abdel Monem Mahmoud, Ikhwanweb

Egyptian security forces raided on Sunday at dawn, June, 10, 2007, the house of the writer and blogger, Mohamed Mossad Yaqout. The security forces raided the blogger’s house in Baltym, Kafr Al-Sheikh, at 2.00AM and disheveled the house furniture, seized the computer and a number of papers and books and they are still hunting Yaqout.
Yaqout said in a phone call with Ikhwanweb that"The security forces want to arrest me because I support Ghobashi Al-Atawi and Ashraf Al Sayyed, the Muslim Brotherhood candidate in the Shura Council midterm elections for the constituency of Baltym. They want to detain me also because of my anti-regime writings.
Yaqout, 26 years, confirmed that the State Security Police has no arrest warrant and it wants to detain him illegally. Yaqout, a researcher and web editor, is country chased by the security forces on groundless accusations.
It is worth mentioning that Egyptian bloggers are facing harassments, bans and security manhunts to curb the freedom of speech and to stop opposition to the Egyptian authoritarian regime. Blogger Abdul Moneim Mahmoud, released several days ago, had been detained for publishing his torture stories under policemen in Egyptian police stations.


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