Arresting 14 Muslim Brotherhood members in Giza
Arresting 14 Muslim Brotherhood members in Giza
Sunday, August 5,2007 00:00
By S.Abadi

The Egyptian Security Forces have arrested 14 Muslim Brotherhood members and leaders today (Sunday 5, August, 2007) at dawn.
The Security forces have raided the house of “Ahmed Hamed” in Qutata village in Giza, Egypt.

One of the most distinguished detainees is Dr. Hamed Al-Sayed, MB candidate for the last Parliamentarian elections.

These are the names that we were able to know till now:

  1. Sayed Ali  (El-Prince).
  2. Mustafa Mohamed.
  3. Magdi Abu Se’da.
  4. Ahmed Hamed Abdul-Qader
  5. Mohamed Fawzi Mustafa
  6. Tarek Abdul-Hadi
  7. Mohamed Abdurrazeq
  8. Abdul-Baset Azab
  9. Ashraf Abdul-Aziz
  10. Fathi Fathi
  11. Osama Mohamed El-’azazi
  12. Mohamed Khalil

It’s worth mentioning that this arresting campaign is performed at the same day of the fourth session of the MB military tribunal of 40 MB leaders and members, including eng. Khairat EL Shater, MB second deputy chairman.