MB Demands Taliban Release SKorean Hostages
MB Demands Taliban Release SKorean Hostages
Tuesday, August 7,2007 00:00

The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) group demanded the Afghan Taliban Movement to release the seized South Korean hostages .
The group said in a statement that the kidnapping distorts the true image of Islam and distorts the image of the legitimate resistance against occupation forces .
The Statement
Islam, the religion of mercy justice and fairness that stipulates a key tenet in the Quranic verse: "That no laden one shall bear another"s load; And that man hath only that for which he maketh effort"; (Al-Najm (the star): 38, 39 ), Islam that stipulates for every human being the right to defend their homeland, dignity, and money and elevates the rank of resisters to high degrees... This Islam bans that resisters dviate from the tenets of righteous Sharia to adopt methods which are totally rejected by Islam.
So, for the interest of the Afghan people and to avoid distorting the true image of Islam, and to maintain the bright image of the legitimate resistance against invaders, I call on kidnappers of the South Korean hostages and the German hostage in Afghanistan to:
Stop any kind of ham against these innocent persons  .
Immediately release all hostages without bargaining on their life and freedom .
We have condemned- and still condemn- the foreign invasion and reject the presence of the NATO in the Afghan soil. We see that Afghanistan that was a huge grave in the past for invaders from the Alexander of Macedonia, the UK occupation until the Soviet occupation, will remain a grave for invaders .
We fully back the honorable resistance which is abiding by the tenets of Islam. However, we oppose any action divorced from these Islamic tenets, warning against any penetration to all resistance powers everywhere.

Mohamed Mahdi Akef
Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood
Cairo on: 18 Rajab 1428 (Hijri)
August, 1st 2007 AD