Freezing MB Companies Heard next Saturday
Freezing MB Companies Heard next Saturday
Tuesday, August 14,2007 16:30
The Criminal Court, south Cairo , will hear next Saturday an appeal submitted by 29 Muslim Brotherhood (MB) businessmen tried in front of the military tribunal, and their wives and underage children against the Criminal Court ruling, issued on Feb., 28th, 2007 of freezing their assets.
The appeal was adjourned to next Saturday to prepare the required papers because they weren’t provided for chief justice Mohamed Al-Mohammedi. The papers are expected not to be completed in Saturday session as well, triggering another adjournment!!
The defence team demanded it briefly adjourned, because these companies are closed, and adjourning the trial session for long periods increases its continuous losses, in addition to the fact that the freezing decisions are attributed to the claim that the company’s chairman is a Muslim Brotherhood member for example, although the proprietors and owners have no relation with the Muslim Brotherhood except that this MB member was an employee in this company!!.
The ten-member defence team said also in its appeal that there is no single evidence or legal basis proving that these companies have carried out any money laundry process. The decision of freezing the assets issued by the attorney general was mainly based on pieces of paper sent from the State Security Police, lacking any material evidence, although money laundry is a crime that requires a material evidence, according to law.