6 MB Leaders arrested in Alexandria
6 MB Leaders arrested in Alexandria
Sunday, August 19,2007 01:18
Egyptian security forces has maintained its crackdown against the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), including the Egyptian coastal governorate of Alexandria. The security services launch this crackdown nationwide after the MB announced its plans for declaring the program of its future political party. The security forcres arrested on Sunday dawn, August, 19th, 2007:
Engineer Mohamed Ibrahim, a member of Alex. administrative office and MB Alex. deputy official, Engineer Saleh Batawi, MB leader in the governorate, Gamal Shouman, MB leader in the governorate. Hamdi Rashed, MB leader in the governorate,   Mohamed Othman, MB leader in the governorate, Alaa Mutaweh, MB leader in the governorate.
It is worth mentioning that Egyptian security services arrested on Friday afternoon 16 Muslim Brotherhood top leaders from the house of engineer Nabil Moqbel in the governorate of Giza, including Dr. Doctor Mahmoud Hussein, member of the MB Executive Bureau, Dr. Essam El-Erian, Dr. Ahmed Omar, Al-Sayyed Nizeili, engineer Nabil Moqbel, Dr. Sanaa Abu Zeid, Dr. Mohamed Kamal, sheikh Hamdi Ibrahim, Dr. Mohie Al Zaet, engineer Hossam Abu Bakr, engineer Khaled Al Beltagi, Dr. Ali Ezzuddin Thabet, Seif Al-Din Maghrabi, Osama Hassanein, Hammam Ali Youssef, and Mohamed Abdul Fattah Ibrahim.