Al-Shater’s Military Trial Adjourned till Next Tuesday
Al-Shater’s Military Trial Adjourned till Next Tuesday
Sunday, August 19,2007 11:04

The Military Tribunal of Muslim Brotherhood (MB) leaders adjourned their fifth trial session untill Tuesday, Aug., 21st, 2007.
Dr. Ahmed Abu Baraka, a member of the defense panel on behave of court-martialed MB leaders, said that lieutenant colonel Atef Al Husseini, the prosecution witness in the case, attended the court session. However, “this witness was confused and didn’t have any documented information in front of the court” said Abu Baraka, adding that the witness continued searching in papers with him, making the defense team of MB detainees submit an objection.
Abu Baraka added that the court asked Al Husseini only one question after which he got confused and didn’t manage to answer it due to lacking sufficient information. He added that the defense team of MB detainees asked the prosecution witness a question about the data he collected around the case. He didn’t give an answer to the very question of the defense, the matter which drove the court to adjourn the session until Aug., 21st, 2007 . The adjournment period to the next trial session is so short as to save the witness’ face after he got confused today and couldn’t manage to answer the only question of the defense team.
It is worth mentioning that the military police prevented, hours ago, the US human rights activist and MAS Freedom Foundation Executive Director Mahdi Bray, from attending the trial session. Also denied access to the fifth session, Dr. Ammar Al-Qirbi, envoy of the UN Human Rights Commission to attend the fifth session of the seventh military tribunal against Muslim Brotherhood under Mubarak rule.