Morsi: Detentions Prove Failure of Egyptian Regime
Morsi: Detentions Prove Failure of Egyptian Regime
Monday, August 20,2007 09:13
Dr. Mohamed Morsi, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) Executive Bureau, confirmed that the ongoing sweeps of arrests against MB leaders are a part of a continuous series of repression, exceptional measures against the popular MB group.
Morsi added in a statement to Ikhwanweb that any meeting of any group of people is a constitutional right which is guaranteed for all citizens. All citizens have the right to hold public or private meetings, without causing any riot or violating law, without any permit from authorities. However, we are dealing with a regime that doesn’t want the popular or constitutional legitimacy.
Dr. Morsi pointed out it is normal that someone invites another or others to his home for a private occasion. We can’t consider this a violation. Dr Morsi added that the regime and its figures are confused in dealing with the Muslim Brotherhood which is continuously gaining ground among people and society. The regime itself knows it and its leaders and knows very well that it is a group that does not approve violence and it exercises a peaceful political action and has 88 MPs in the Egyptian parliament.
Asked about the regime and security services reported plans for banning the group, he said:” It is banned only in minds of some of those living in illusions. This because the presence of Muslim Brotherhood rattles them from their beds and prevents them from maintaining the posts which they illegally usurped.
Morsi pointed out that the sweep of arrests is an aggression on the dignity of the homeland and an evidence that the methods of beatings and killings in police stations are maintained. All these detained persons are university professors, doctors and public figures!!.
Regarding the possible link between these detentions and that the MB plans to declare its political party, Dr. Morsi said: Under such atmospheres, it is futile to submit papers for establishing a party. We have been speaking for months about a reform program for the nation, and we present a suggested formula for the political work, according to the right integrated Islamic project.
Morsi added hurdles have been thrown in MB way for years. These detentions are due to the fact that the regime has failed to gain people’s trust. People in charge in the ruling party and the current regime are scared of the effective political powers in the street because they can not gain a high public rating  like that of the Muslim Brotherhood.
Asked about the MB opposition to the hereditary transfer of rule in the light of the by-elections inside the ruling National Democratic party (NDP), Dr. Morsi said: Any one elected according to people’s will and in fair elections with a complete freedom, is fully approved by us with people. We approve people’s choice even if it isn’t in line with our views in some issues, unless it violates any main tenet of our religion.
In response to a question around the MB attitude towards Gamal Mubarak ascention to power, Dr. Morsi said: If any candidate is democratically and freely elected by people, we will back people’s free choice regardless of the person chosen.