MB Leader Gamal Heshmat Banned From Travel
MB Leader Gamal Heshmat Banned From Travel
Friday, August 24,2007 03:02
By Abdulrahman Mansour
Dr. Gamal Heshmat, the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) leader was banned from travelling on Thursday afternoon to Sudan in the Egyptian Doctors" Syndicate delegation taking part in an aid campaign to flood-plagued victims in Sudan. Heshmat described this move as worrisome and that it reflects the state of chaos plaguing the Egyptian regime.
Heshmat took part in the delegation of the Doctors" Syndicate of El-Behera Governorate, north of Cairo. The delegation traveled yesterday afternoon to Sudan in several aid campaigns organized by the Egyptian Doctors" Syndicate. However, he was arrested in the airport and was banned from traveling. The officer who banned him from travelling attributed the decision to "orders from top authorities
The top Muslim Brotherhood leader raised his eyebrows at such a travel ban. " The delegation travels to aid plagued victims! Why am I banned from travel in this delegation!", " My travel ban reflects a state of chaos. Those who issued such a decision don"t have clear lines between what is good or bad for our homeland.", added Heshmat.
Dr. Gamal Heshmat said that the regime"s state of confusion proves that it can"s see what"s right and what"s wrong, a confusion that proves an imminent collapse of this regime.
In a related context, State Security Police released on Thursday afternoon two MPs affiliated to the MB parliamentary on 10000 pounds bail, one day after detaining them in a provocative step that only fuels the current security escalation against the Muslim Brotherhood group