Al Shater’s Trial Adjourned to Next Tuesday
Al Shater’s Trial Adjourned to Next Tuesday
Sunday, September 2,2007 12:30
By Aya Al Feqi
The Military Tribunal adjourned till next Tuesday its session in the case of 40 Muslim Brotherhood (MB) leaders, topped by engineer Khairat Al Shater the second deputy chairman of the MB.
The ninth session of the military tribunal witnessed subpoenaing 10 State Security Police officers so that the defense team interrogates them over the legality of the measures taken while searching and detaining those referred to the trial.
What raised eyebrows was that responses of the witnesses were the same: I do not know.
It is worth mentioning that the Military Tribunal at Huckstepp, east of Cairo, held its first session last 26 April, and held after that 8 sessions, the latest of which was last Thursday .
The MB leaders were referred to this Military Tribunal after Cairo Criminal Court acquitted them, Al Shater and 15 others, and after the regime realized that it is difficult to steer the course of case as it wishes under the umbrella of a natural competent judiciary.
The military prosecution did not hold any investigations with the accused before the beginning of the trial. In spite of the clear legal flaws and the defenses carried out by lawyers, the military tribunal continues hearing the case paying no attention to the convincing legal justifications submitted by the defense .