Lebanon’s Islamic Group: We Welcome Berri’s Initiative, Not to Allow more Violations in Lebanon
Lebanon’s Islamic Group: We Welcome Berri’s Initiative, Not to Allow more Violations in Lebanon
Tuesday, September 4,2007 11:27
By Asmaa Shehata

Parliament Speaker, Nabih Berri, declared in a speech delivered in a rally in Bekaa Valley, Lebanon, that the Lebanese opposition withdraws its demand for forming a national unity government ahead of the presidential elections provided that a new president of Lebanon is elected in consensus and on time as prescribed by the constitution.

Berr"s statements were issued after containing the crisis of Nahr Al-Bared which has recently overshadowed Lebanon. It ended with the Lebanese army"s seizing control over the camp after killing Fatah Al-Islam Movement leader, Shaker Al Absi, and arresting the remaining elements of this group.

Ali Ammar, the manager of the Islamic Group"s politburo, said:" I think that Berri"s initiative may encourage other parties, the majority and Lebanese government to positively react to such ideas that may lead to a consensus over the presidential elections and over the next president through agreeing over some political ideas that may dominate the coming stage. The majority powers declared that they will study these ideas submitted by Berri and that it is moving towards a more positive handling of the situation.
Asked about the Islamic group"s attitude towards the presidential elections, Ammar said in a statement to Ikhwanweb:" The president office is an important and crucial post in Lebanon. We fear that a constitutional vacuum may take place unless elections are held on time. Therefore, we encourage, in our meetings with various political parties in Lebanon, influential powers to respond to all Lebanese desire for holding presidential elections on time prescribed by the constitutional.

Regarding the crisis of Nahr Al-Bared camp, Ammar said that the end of this crisis should make us focus on other political affairs in Lebanon, leaving this crisis to the judiciary to give its ruling over these incidents that caused so much pain to many Lebanese and to residents at Nahr Al-Bared.
Many Lebanese and Palestinians don"t want such atmospheres of chaos, alienation and internal strife, said Ammar.
However, there are other powers that do not want this country to be stable on security or political levels. These powers exploit invisible hands to spread atmospheres of chaos and infighting in this country which has suffered so much. Due to such ill intentions, some problems may erupt like that at Nahr Al-Bared camp and some mobile explosions that claim lives of civilians in this country. Ammar stressed that such chaos will not happen and that Lebanon and the Islamic Group won"t allow the eruption of any more war or internal strife in Lebanon.