MB Parliamentary Bloc: Referring Al Sakhawi to Disciplinary Council a Settling of Political Scores
MB Parliamentary Bloc: Referring Al Sakhawi to Disciplinary Council a Settling of Political Scores
Tuesday, September 4,2007 13:16
Dr. Hamdi Hassan, the media spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) parliamentary bloc, lamented the People"s Assembly decision of referring MP Alam Eddin Al Sakhawi, MB bloc member, to a disciplinary committee because of a memo he sent to the People"s Assembly in which he criticized the Assembly"s performance and the domination of majority, leading a retreat in its role and distorting its image in front of the Egyptian people.
Dr. Hamdi Hassan said, in a press statement:" The memo submitted by Al Sakhawi to the People"s Assembly speaker is a right to criticizes which is prescribed by the constitution and law. All these measures aren"t required. They are seemingly a part of a series of escalations against the Muslim Brotherhood group and its representative in parliament, Al Sakhawi.
He pointed out that MP Al Sakhawi has the right to criticize the People"s Assembly and its performance, specially that he did not offend any person or organization. Also, the parliamentary bloc is respecting the People"s Assembly because it is a part of it. Offending isn"t a part of the Muslim Brotherhood principles and imam Hassan Al Banna, the group"s founder, confirmed in his ten advices that the one should stop short of offending persons or bodies.
"There are many examples that prove the retreat of the People"s Assembly role, the least of which are the two mentioned by MP Al Sakhawi. If the disciplinary committee wants to know more examples, we are ready to give dozens.
The media spokesman confirmed that such measures against the MB bloc MPs will not hinder them from carrying out their supervisory and legislative role. He pointed out that the bloc has prepared itself well for next parliamentary session with many bill laws and supervisory tools that serve public interests.