When the American Ambassador, the MB and Hamas meet together !!
When the American Ambassador, the MB and Hamas meet together !!
Wednesday, September 5,2007 07:45
By Zeinobia

The official newspapers and non official but pro-regime newspapers are so busy in discovering who are the bad the villains behind the spread of the rumors concerning Mubarak"s health and life

There are two mainly suspects in their eyes , sorry they are not suspects anymore but they are the only who actually did it , bad criminals

The American Ambassador in Egypt and The Muslim brotherhood

The two main criminals

The American Ambassador Ricciardone was accused on the first of August to say in a press conference to the Journalists that he felt that Mubarak was not well that last time he met him , to tell the truth I do not remember that I read that statement for him

The American Ambassador is not a popular personality in Egypt due to the role of America in the region and he is regarded as the British Commissioner of these days

Updated on 9/9/07 : The embassy issued an official statement denying that the Ambassador had said anything related to the health of Mubarak to the press , this comes after a direct accusation by PM and journalist Mustafa Bakery

The MB took that false rumor "according to the official media" from the Ambassador mouth and use it to have a revenge from the regime , in fact they intended to spread in order to destabilize the Egyptian stock market in a respond for the the government"s order to take over the money of their business men !!

The typical suspects , I am surprised that they did not include the Israeli Ambassador too to the the gang , well may be they included "Hamas" , yes "Hamas" in Gaza became another suspect sorry villain with their partners in Egypt the "MB"

The evil plan was to create the ultimate chaos by spreading a wave of rumors that Hamas comes in and invades Sinai , Whole Sinai !! You know I am waiting them to Say that Iran and Syria are behind it too so the monsters union will be completed !!

Of course both organizations denied these rumors , real rumors

Sorry but I do not know what kind of hush these journalists take in the morning to write this absolute nonsense !! And they wonder why the people disbelieve them ??!!

May be because they are treating people as if they were in the 1st grade !!