MB Lawyer: Denying Visiting the Detained is Cruel and Injust
MB Lawyer: Denying Visiting the Detained is Cruel and Injust
Sunday, September 16,2007 11:47
The Ministry of Interior Affairs has denied access to the relatives of the detained students in Alexandria, who were arrested recently and have been accused of belonging to Al-Qaeda terrorist organization.
This act of arresting the university students comes as a continuation of the sweeping arrest campaigns which the government undergoes to get rid of the MB members and leaders.
Khalaf Bayoumi, the lawyer in charge of the MB case in Alexandria, stated to Ikhwanweb that they are waiting in the meantime for the resolution of the Ministry of interior Affairs in order to release the detained MB students in Alexandria.
He added, "The Ministry of Interior Affairs is supposed to issue a resolution for releasing the detainees or charging them. This resolution should be issued almost 15 days after the date of their detention."
Khalaf Bayoumi sadly said, "The Ministry of Interior Affairs hasn"t issued any resolutions concerning the detained students till now. It is considered a usual thing in Egypt, that the Ministry keeps people in detention for 15 days, then decides whether to release or detain them again."
Bayoumi said that the detained students also have another case in which they have been accused of belonging to Al-Qaeda.
Adding," This case was made on August 23, 2007. The case will come before the court and the students will be reviewed infront of the prosecution as soon as they have their release."
Bayoumi stated that the prison conditions are very bad. He added, "They are treated badly. Also relatives of the detained students are unable to visit them. Denying visiting the detained students was repeated for the fourth time on the first day of Ramadan."
He commented on the act of denying visits to the students saying that it"s very cruel and injust. Even the lawyers responsible for the case are denied access.
He added, "None can reach them. Universities have started days ago. All the detained relatives are very worried about their study and the lectures they would miss in the meantime. But we can not help them anyway."
Finally, Bayoumi expressed his wish to see all the detained released in the coming few days.
 He said that he expected they would have the resolution for releasing them within the coming 10 days. However, he believed that the government would not drop the unfair case of the detained concerning their co-operation with Al-Qaeda.