Pak Islamic Group: We Will Take to Streets If Musharraf Reelected
Pak Islamic Group: We Will Take to Streets If Musharraf Reelected
Friday, September 21,2007 09:10
By Asmaa Shehata
Abdul Ghaffar Aziz of the Islamic Group in Pakistan declared that the group approves that all politicians and citizens in exile can return back to Pakistan becaue it is their homeland and no one can deny them the right to return home. Although the Supreme Court issued a ruling allowing Nawaz Sharif to return to Pakistan , it is actually outlandish to deport him again out of Pakistan .
Aziz added in a statement to Ikhwanweb:" That Binazir Bhutto returns to Pakistan is acceptable but this does not mean dropping corruption charges against her just because she sealed a deal with Pervez Musharraf to return to homeland. In one implicated in a crime must stand trial before Pakistani courts so that every one takes his rights and so that all the world knows the limits of the Bhutto-Mosharraf deal".
Regarding Bhutto"s statement that she doesn"t plan to deal with Islamists, Abd Al-Ghaffar said " Bhutto"s attitude towards Islamists is well known for years. She tries to woo the US administration adopts the US views and issues statements that she sees as appealing to the US administration. Her attitudes towards Kashmir issue and the US bombardment to tribal regions is clear from the beginning. She wants to prove that she bolder, more sincere, more efficient, and more obedient to US orders in its fight to what Washington calls "terrorists" and any religious one. They are eventually unsuccessful attempts because the U.S. can not succeed in what security forces failed to realize."
Regarding the presidential elections, Abd Al-Ghaffar declared that the election commission issued a ruling on Monday canceling a provision banning that state employees from running for elections, a scheme from Mosharraf to enable him to pursue his reelection bid. However, the judiciary is expected to reject this amendment. Such weak attempts to amend the constitution will be useless to him and his aides.
Aziz added:" There are opposition parties that agreed on rejected reelecting Mosharraf, threatening with submitting a mass resignation to parliament and leave local governments in two Pakistani provinces. It is well known that election takes place here through the Central Council, the Senate and four provincial councils which elect the president. If two councils resigned, there will be no election. If Misharraf insisted on pursuing his bid, we would take to streets to show the public opinion"s rejection to dictatorship. Also, opposition parties threaten with not participating in any general elections if he is reelected. His only option is to resign from both posts and we know that this will not be easily realized.