State Security Assaults Al Fayyum University Students, Detains 3
State Security Assaults Al Fayyum University Students, Detains 3
Wednesday, September 26,2007 06:58
Officer Marawan Ahmed Mazen, tasked with the file of university and education at the State Security Police institution, has transgressed the campus by assaulting and beat university students and detaining three others inside it.
Al Fayyum university witnessed on Tuesday, Sep, 25th, 2007, flagrant violations and aggressions against the students inside the campus. The violations were capped by detaining Mahmoud Ramadan, Mohammed Ramadan, and Ramadan Helmi, all the three are students at the Faculty of Engineering. This comes as a part of the ongoing fierce campaign committed by the State Security Service against Muslim Brotherhood students at the beginning of the first semester without paying any respect to the holy month of Ramadan, raising to seven the number of students detained in one week.
A student at the Faculty of Education was stunned, while taking a means of transportations on Monday, with a police car carrying officer Marawan hunting him to trying to arrest him in a fierce manhunt during which the student managed to escape.
Violent clashes took place also on Tuesday between students and state security forces inside the campus, leading to injuring several students who were sent to hospital to receive treatment.
This escalation inside the campus from the state security comes while the Minister of Higher Education, Dr. Hani Hilal claimed during his last Sunday visit to Al Fayyum university that the detention of students didn"t and won"t happen, highlighting the university"s freedom and  independence .