Security Prevents Egyptians from Showing Solidarity with Journalists, Workers
Security Prevents Egyptians from Showing Solidarity with Journalists, Workers
Saturday, September 29,2007 13:03
Egyptian security forces prevented on Thursday evening a public demonstration showing solidarity with journalists facing prison sentences and striking workers at Al Mahala-based spinning and weaving factories.
The demonstration, which Kifaya Movement called to hold on Thursday evening, faced a huge security cordon as hundreds of central security soldiers and karate squad were deployed in Talaat Harb square in downtown Cairo and in main and side streets around it.
The heavy security blockade that started from Thursday afternoon forced the demonstrators to change their usual destination, the Press Syndicate stairs to standing at them and demonstrate.
Five demonstrators were arrested while showing solidarity to the jailed journalists, including Maher Abdul Rahim, Ali Abdul Hamid and the Lebanese media figure Gan Sharbal.
The security forces were on alerts in front of the demonstrators with fire engines and armed central security soldiers, witnesses said.
" Freedom for Ibrahim Eissa, freedom for Wael Al Ibrashi, freedom for Hammouda, freedom for Qandeel, chanted the demonstrators.
Freedom for Ayman Nour, freedom for Al Erian, freedom for the Muslim Brotherhood, freedom for the Egyptian people.
Journalist Mohamed Abdul Qoddous, the secretary general of the freedoms committee at the Press Syndicate and a board member at the syndicate commented on the security blockade and preventing that peaceful demonstration in Talaat Harb square, saying:" What happened fully confirms that the regime is like a crazy car that moves continuously and randomly!!. This regime provokes every day the Egyptians. Instead of easing tensions among the public opinion by attempting to solve the crisis, it sends fellow journalist Ibrahim Eissa to an exceptional court!!".
"Let government do whatever it wants. But this will not stop our movement in the street", Abdul Qoddous said.
Dr. Abdul Wahab Al Meseiri, Kifaya movement coordinator, said:" Year after year  we confront this tyrannical bad regime. This ruling regime must know that if it did not open the door for a peaceful change, a popular and irresponsible revolution will emerge to destroy everything".
"Everyone knows that what happens is a preparation of atmospheres for the heridatroy transfer of rule so that we can"t find any other option but Gamal Mubarak, something we fully reject" added Al Meseiri.
Abdul Halim Kandeel, former editor-in-chief of Al-Karama one of five editors-in-chief facing a prison sentence, said:" We have only peaceful methods of pressure while this regime left no space for any reaction. The current situation proves this. Why are all these streets and squares sealed off. Because some persons want to hold a peaceful demonstration!! .
Regarding the idea of a no newspaper day in response to jailing journalists, Qandil said:" the idea is on the table but we want all journalists and press institutions to cooperate so that it takes place appropriately. Better than this is holding an open sit-in by journalists inside the syndicate and to stop work. This idea should be on the table too".
It is worth mentioning that the five detainees have been reportedly released, said Ikhwanweb correspondent on Thursday evening. Two other vigils will be staged, the first will be next Sunday at the Labour Union building in Al-Galaa Street in solidarity with workers of Ghazl Al Mahala and the scond one will be on Monday in the courts complex in solidarity with fellow journalist Ibrahim Eissa who faces an emergency trial.