Leading Brotherhood Member Released From Detention After 6 Weeks
Leading Brotherhood Member Released From Detention After 6 Weeks
Saturday, October 6,2007 07:36
By Joseph S. Mayton

A Cairo court has called on security forces to release Essam El Erian, a leading member and spokesperson for the Muslim Brotherhood.

Erian had been detained since Aug. 17 for allegedly holding "secret meetings" and "possessing illegal documents."

The Muslim Brotherhood is the North African nation"s leading and most popular opposition group, but the government has increased arrests and detention of members since the group won almost 25 percent of Parliament in 2005. Although officially banned, Brotherhood candidates ran as independents.

"The government won"t change its policy with us [The Brotherhood] as it is not only toward us. Their policy deals with every group on different levels," Erian told All Headline News shortly before his arrest.

He said that all members of the organization are prepared for this type of action taken against them by the government.

"We expect detention at any time, so each member is ready psychologically and physically," El Erian continued when asked how Brotherhood members deal with the fear of arrest and detention.

AHN"s Manar Ammar contributed to this report in Cairo.