Egyptian MP’s Office Manager Detained
Egyptian MP’s Office Manager Detained
Thursday, October 25,2007 08:07
By S.Abadi
State Security Police arrested on Wednesday morning, Oct, 24th, 2007, Ehab Al Sayed Ahmed Toaima, the manager of the office of MP, Dr. Farid Ismail, a member of Muslim Brotherhood (MB) parliamentary bloc for Fakous constituency, Sharqiya Governorate. Ehab appeared before Fakous prosecution that ordered him jailed 15 days .
Dr. Farid Ismail saw that arresting his office manager is a part of a systematized security campaign to curb the role of the MB members of parliament in the Egyptian street .
Ismail criticized such illegal actions and measures and saw them as posing risks to stability in Egypt .
The MB parliamentarian demanded the Interior Ministry immediately release his office manager, Ehab Al Sayed Toaima, confirming that he will take the necessary measures to quickly release his office manager .
In a related context, 6 Muslim Brotherhood members were arrested in the village of As Salihiyah Al-Qadima, Fakous, Sharqiya, today morning, in raids on their houses, while 7 others weren"t at their houses during the raid.
These detentions are a part of a fierce security crackdown against the Muslim Brotherhood group. It included also a big number of office managers of Muslim Brotherhood parliamentarians.