Hassan Malek : New Financial Committee’s Report Gives Death Blow to Whole Case-
Hassan Malek : New Financial Committee’s Report Gives Death Blow to Whole Case-
Thursday, November 8,2007 01:07
By Habiba Farag
Hassan Malek, a business mogul who is tried along with Muslim Brotherhood (MB) leaders in front of the military tribunal, confirmed that the scandal in the latest report of the financial committee proves that the case is totally groundless. He pointed out that the new financial report showed that the total investments of the MB companies are estimated up to 24 million pounds, while the first report estimated the at  448 million pounds. The new figure is only 5 % of the total sums of money mentioned in the first report of the financial committee.
Malek said in a statement to Ikhwanweb that this flagrant contradiction proves that there was a suspected premeditated plans to overblow and exaggerate the capitals in the first report. This also proves that the report is maliciously motivated and that the regime wants to convict the defendant even through false claims, specially that the charge against him and his fellow Mb leaders is money laundry. However, they did not find any papers to prove, the presence or occurrence of any money laundry. This is actually according to testimony of the experts committee chief, Saad El-Din Ragab, who acknowledged that there is no evidence on any operation of receiving money from inside or outside the country, and even paying money to anyone other than he partners. He even acknowledged that he did not find any paper to prove any ownership for anyone other than the partners in companies. This actually requires disregarding all reports and dropping the charge of money laundry.
Malek pointed out that the new report that studied cases of 70 companies, concluded that there are 33 companies which are not related to the defendants, while there are 37 companies which are related to the defendants, and that the number of companies that have suspected violations-in the companies related to the defendants – are according to the committee"s report only  16 companies, although 3 companies were disassociated by the defendants related to them 4 years ago. There are also three companies which are subcontractors.
Malek pointed out that the value of companies suspected of containing administrative violations are 4 millions pounds, the total sum concluded by the second report, out of 24 million pounds. This means that there are 20 million companies which have no violation or suspicion. He referred to page no. 355 in the new report, that contains the conclusion of the report, which was published at Al-Ahram newspaper. It claimed that the MB companies committed violations. Malek added that the writer of the article mentioned the figure 448 million pounds to overblow the size of the capitals, but he didn"t comment on the new report !.
Malek confirmed that, three months after discovering that his own safe was robbed of its contents, the investigations have never yielded any result. This proves also that the sequestered items have been violated as well.