Egyptian Security Forces Arrest 15 Dakahliya MBs
Egyptian Security Forces Arrest 15 Dakahliya MBs
Friday, November 9,2007 12:07

Egyptian security services detained on Friday afternoon Dr. Mohamed Abdul Rahman- the deputy chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood"s () administrative office in Dakahliya, after raiding house without stating any reason for this measure. Also detained were 14 MB members on Friday morning from the village of Sulaka , district of Mansoura.
Dr. Abd Al-Rahman has been released several months ago after a six-month detention.

In a related context, State Security Police at Sharqiya raided on Thursday at dawn houses of dozens of residents of the district of Fakous and villages belonging to it. This raid was carried out with myriads of huge central security vehicles and armored vehicles. The detentions included 22 MB members.
The Muslim Brotherhood group has been facing repeated repressions and detentions under the regime of president Hosni Mubarak.