Al Erian on Sawaris Statements: Egyptian People Are Only Ones Authorized to Give, Take
Al Erian on Sawaris Statements: Egyptian People Are Only Ones Authorized to Give, Take
Saturday, November 10,2007 06:19

In apress conference held on Tuesday, Nov,7th, 2007, prominent Egyptian businessman engineer Naguib Sawaris, the board director of Orascom Telecom, sharply criticized the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) group .
Dr. Essam El-Erian, a member of the MB Executive Bureau, dismissed Sawaris statements in which he attacked the group."When Muslims adhere to their sharia, this actually means securing equal rights for all citizens. Islam guarantees that non Muslims equal rights.Non-Muslims have the same rights given to Muslims under Islam", said El-Erian.
Commenting on Sawaris statement that the Copts are Egyptians like Muslims and that the Muslim Brotherhood shouldn"t distribute posts and give itself the authority to grant something and deny something else, Dr. Essam said :"" The only ones authorized to grant and prevent are the Egyptian people through a free choice. The distribution of all posts is prescribed according the the constitution which is drafted according to the real willof the people. I agree with Sawaris that one one, whatever his authority, is allowed to impose something or deprive anyone of anything. "
El-Erian confirmrd that only people are authorized to do so and thateveryone should respect this authority.
" If the majority of the Egyptian people recognized that the Islamic Sharia is the main source of legislation, everyone should respect this because it is people"s will.
Al Erian saw that these statements are totally unreasonable. That the Copts or any other section of the society take specific posts is actually against democracy. The real democracy is people"s choice of nominees with a complete freedom.
Al Erian added that it isn"t suitable at the present time to exchange accusations. "We shouln"t be drawn to such disagreements. We should currently close ranks against injustice, corruption and tyranny that threaten all sections of the Egyptian society in economic, social and other levels.
It is worth mentioning that this is not the first time in which Sawaris issues such statements. He declared last October in Dr. Lamis Al Hadidi"s "Preventing&Forbidden" TV show, some statements in which he spoke about the Muslim Brotherhood.
Sawaris said also in his Tuesday press conferesnc:" No Egyptian Christian is expecting from the Muslim Brotherhood to give or take, or grant the Copt the right to run for the presidential office. We- as Copts- do not want any one to inform us of citizenship rights."

Dr. Mohamed Morsi, a top leader in the Muslim Brotherhood and a member in the group"s Executive Office, confirmed earlier to Ikhwanweb that the Egyptian Copts enjoy all citizenship rights, and that the Muslim Brotherhood seeks to secure such rights. The Copts and the Muslims in Egypt live side by side, and enjoy relations of intimacy, reconciliation and love.
Dr. Essam El-Erian concluded saying:" The ony ones facing injustices in Egypt everyday are the Muslim Brotherhood leaders and members. They are detained, torturedand face trial in front of the military tribunals, while others enjoy their complete rights. We repeat thatwe refuse that rights of any citizen- whatever his religion- are violate".